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HiAsh.com began 10th May 2004 out of CreateUK.co.uk.

You might find web site design, nu media (like flash, shockwave and quicktime), games, code for the web (in html, css, php, mysql, asp, lingo and actionscript), code to compile (like c++, java or directX) or maybe something else.

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   Hi (a) HiAsh.com
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   (+44)7763 607431
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This is HiAsh.com and is where Ash puts all his stuff, like web designs, games and his thoughts. And Ash is now ready for you. Should you feel the need, you can email Ash at Hi (a) HiAsh.com

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Imagine Cup UK - Stage One Winner  Submerge - 2004 Exhibitor  Experts Exchange - Expert  X-Box Media Center - Skin Contest Winner
Broadband 4 Devon - Logo Contest Runner-Up  Brainbench - Certified HTML Developer  IGDA Member

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