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Progress Report:

Updated as project develops: 14th January 2004


I have looked at some current examples of interactive teaching for KS2 students and have gained some ideas for types of content to try and deliver.

I have found the different learning styles that people have and how they can be identified. This helps me to see how each is best approached when making demos.

I have researched how to code ROMs for the GBA and have an understanding of this.

Examples To Follow

As there are no examples of teaching and learning products on home or portable consoles to try and compare my ideas too, I have been looking at CD-ROMs and software for PC and online teaching, such as the BBC Bitesize programme. This product involves books, TV and the internet in its learning, but obviously only the website is interactive, with flash games etc. This may be a good model to follow by incorporating the GBA into the mix, rather than as a stand-alone product.

What Has Been Done

  • Have a good grasp of C / C++
  • Have a good idea of GBA programming specifics
  • Have some form of working article on the GBA
  • Identify learning styles
  • Identify good content types

What Needs To Be Done

  • Document findings so far
  • Find out about the target audience in business terms (e.g. market share) I have found this difficult
  • Create an effective 'business plan' or cultural context for the project
  • Develop lesson(s) for the GBA as a demo
  • Try the project in a real school and document this
  • Write final report

Schedule Of Activities

  • Continue GBA development, produce advertising media and the critical examination towards deadline.
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Updated 02.05.05

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What's New?:
03/05/04: More Flash demos and new ROMs on downloads page.
19/04/04: More Flash demos and a new ROM on downloads page.
14/04/04: Updated Flash demo and a new written paper on downloads page.
23/03/04: Added a Flash demo and written papers to downloads page.
06/03/04: Added screenshots of Flash demos in progress to downloads page.
29/02/04: Had some publicity on GBADevr's and GBADev.

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